What We Do...

OnlineAll Advanced Services is an organization dedicated to providing cost effective solutions to businesses, institutions and "not-for-profits" using open source technology. Open source solutions can provide the same, or better, functionality as off -the-shelf commercial products, without the huge licensing and purchasing fees. OnlineAll can work with your organization to determine exactly what your needs are and how best to design a solution for you. OnlineAll provides its clients with elearning portals, customer relationship management solutions, content management systems, online project management and collaborative tools.

Why Open Source?

Open source software is particularly well-suited to both businesses and enterprises and consumer solutions. Traditionally, enterprise solutions are achieved in two ways: either purchasing commercial products or going through custom development. Commercial products can be costly to roll out to many users, usually require yearly license fees and often don't quite meet your needs. Custom development can meet your needs exactly, but at extreme cost, and if you want to update functionality, requires an internal development team or a large pocketbook.

Open source can often provide the best of both worlds: an off-the-shelf product that meets your needs and can be customized to fit your unique requirements. There are added benefits such as no license fees and no purchase price. There are costs. You will need to have people who understand how to install software and maintain it. Customizations will require expert help - internal or external. But these are one time costs that you only need to incur when you need them.

Who Can Benefit?

You can! Your business, your educational institution; your training organization; your not-for-profit association. All of these can benefit by discovering how Open Source solutions can better meet their specific needs.

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